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What are the property transfer procedures in Rawalpindi?

What are the property transfer procedures in Rawalpindi?

After buying property, there is nothing more important than to get ownership of that place. People often find it difficult to complete the property transfer procedure due to the lack of sufficient knowledge. Whether you purchase a property or acquired it through inheritance or gift deed, you need to familiarize yourself with the entire procedure.


Before purchasing, you can get a lot of information just by skimming through the listings of available properties. Sites such as Gharbaar can be an ideal place to search for different options. All you need to do is to look for commercial properties for rent in Islamabad and it will provide you with plenty of reasonable and economical options to choose from. Moreover, its support services can find you the right option so that the transfer procedure goes as smooth as possible. 



First of all, people should need to familiarize themselves with the required documents. A list of all necessary documents is as follows:


Documents required from the Buyer

Necessary documents required from the buyer includes;

Two passport size photographsOriginal CNICOriginal transfer fee deposit slipAttested CNIC copy of the nominee (in order to transfer the property after the death of the owner)Affidavit by the sellerAffidavit by the buyerBuyer’s membership applicationSale Agreement duly attested by RawalpindiAn undertaking to accept any supplementary charges


Documents required from the Seller

The documents that are required from the seller includes;

Attested photocopy of allotment letterStatement of duesNo Demand Certificate (NDC)Authority letter (if someone else is allocated by the seller to complete transfer procedure)Attested photocopy of CNICTransfer affidavit


Once these documents are available, people can easily proceed to the property transfer procedure.


Process of Property Transfer

Both parties need to arrive at the transfer office on any given date to complete all the requirements of the property transfer procedure. First of all, the finance desk will provide both parties with a transfer document set. It will take no more than 2 hours for the finance desk to intimate the dues. After that, No Document Certificate (NDC) will be obtained by the parties within a timeframe of two to three days. Both parties must submit the documents mentioned above to the legal desk after obtaining NDC. These documents will be transferred to the transfer officer after a successful inspection and examination.


It is also mandatory to photograph both seller and buyer to keep a visual record of the property transfer. Biometric endorsement of the transfer is compulsory as well. The transfer office will give time and date for the transfer after successful scrutiny.

Both parties must be present in the transfer office at the time of transfer. Usually, an allotment house for sale in Rawalpindi letter can be collected within 7 to 10 days. A buyer can collect that letter on the given date.


Important Note:  

The buyer needs to validate and verify the transfer document to avoid any discrepancies.

An urgent transfer can be done after getting approval from Direct Transfer & Record. The fee for the urgent transfer is approximately 35,000 PKR.


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